Reinventing Retail

I’m really excited about the forthcoming publication of Reinventing Retail by Pearson.

My abiding interest is in how retail and hospitality brands can cope with the new multi-channel, always-on world of the consumer. I’ve seen what happens when they don’t and I’ve also seen the reward that follows from getting your response to the new economy right.  In Reinventing Retail I try to capture some of the challenges that brands face today and also distil out from a long career (and more than a decade at the Board table) some of the pragmatic things leadership teams can do to ensure their businesses don’t just survive, but thrive.

As the banner says, pre-orders are available now, through all good book retailers. If you are interested in the book, and the important topic of how retail and hospitality brands can reinvent themselves to cope with the new economy then pre-ordering is a massive way you can help to spread the message. Pre-orders encourage booksellers to display the book more prominently and also help drive search results and make the book easier to find.

If you do pre-order the book, thankyou in advance. I’m really grateful for your support.

I’ve collated a list of the major UK outlets – just click on the logo to go straight to the book page. If you think I’ve missed any, please do let me know. So far, pre-orders can be made at:







and of course: